What Makes Granite So Special?

Granite has been prized for centuries for its beauty, durability, and resistance to both chipping and scratching. Impervious to heat and second in hardness only to diamonds, under normal circumstances, granite will hold up well to hot pans, and could actually dull your knives, if you cut something on its surface. 

Granite is a grained, volcanic rock that contains crystallized minerals such as mica, quartz, and feldspar.  It can be found on several continents around the world, and is almost a million years old when it is quarried from the Earth.

Properly cared for granite can last for many years, and sometimes even outlasts the building that houses it.  

Stone is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain.  All of our exotic granite slabs are polished multiple times and chemically protected before they are delivered to you.

We do, however, recommend blotting up spills as soon as possible, and encourage you to apply an extra coat of good quality commercial stone sealer to properly protect the surface from discoloring or absorbing stains.  Polishing your granite regularly will add layers of extra protection.

Granite can be wiped clean with dish washing liquid and cold water.  Avoid using cleaners with lemon, ammonia or bleach.  It is also a good habit to blot up spills as soon as possible.

Granite is a primordial stone subject to naturally occurring variations in color and pattern that generally are referred to as “movement.”  That is why slabs quarried at the same time from the same site can have substantial differences in color, veining, pattern, and finish.  Sometimes, even the same slab can have different mineral concentrations that can cause patches on one portion to appear to be darker or lighter than another. Or it may have different grain sizes, or different veining that can affect color perception.  These unpredictable characteristics are what give granite its natural character. 

Granite comes in nearly a thousand colors and patterns.  To select the one right for you, be sure to carry a sample of the wood from your cabinets as well as a flooring sample from the room where the granite or marble will be used to our showroom.

Material Selection Locations

At Jones Stone and Marble – we want you to get precisely the color and pattern of granite or marble you want.  We stock only premium first-quality stone slabs, and customers are encouraged to select their own slabs at one of our four locations:


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Belle Vernon: 191 Pollack Run Road in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania 15012 – Phone: (724) 872-4200

Bentleyville: 1089 Carlton Dr, Bentleyville, PA 15314 – Phone: (724) 239-3555